I cannot blog here without mentioning my favourite wildlife see over the years. The obvious would be the pink flamingoes and the white horses of the Camargue not in the Vaucluse but the Gard. My absolute favourite has to be the lizards; it's the little ones you see either sat perfectly still sunbathing or running at high speed across the hot ground. No matter where you go they can normally be spotted maybe appearing from a crack in a wall.
The less obvious has to be the Cicada (La Cigale) only from the fact that they are so well hidden but the song is there from the first moment of warmth in the morning until the evening coolness stops them from emitting their constant noise. After a while you no longer notice it, but what I love is when we travel down by car and we come off the A7. I have to open my car windows to feel the warm air, and hear the Cicada.
Then there is the Praying Mantis , now this truly is a fantastic sight. On our last holiday Pete could not take enough photo's of a partictular Praying Mantis that perched itself on a small flower. I will get him to put this picture onto our website. (by the way this was a very small one!)

I have also seen the most gorgeous Blue Carpenter Bee, unfortunately it was in a survival of the fitest between a Preying Mantis and the Bee. Often seen buzzing around the lavender amongst the bees are the simply amazing Hummingbird Hawk Moth. I have sat and watched these for hours.

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