At Vaison La Romaine I remember a large ancient vase taller than my father, and then my mother spotted a perfect photo opportunity. We has to sit on an old Roman brother & I were in a hurry to remove our bottoms from this hot seat.
 Trips to the coast at Le Grau-du-Roi or La Grande Motte always seemed particularly hot. On the journey back we felt the heat on our backs combined with the dry salt and sand; one does need to be very careful at the seaside. We lost a beach ball taken away by the wind but we were lucky as opposed to the young lad who lost his dinghy when it started flipping over again and again in the wind until we saw it no more!

I always preferred the visits to the local swimming pool at Carpentras myself

I started sketching here, even though I had only turned thirteen I can still see the effects of the mistral on the trees against the backdrop of the hills on one of my very first drawings. Just a week and a half later I sketched the bell tower in Seguret and the interesting 17th century fountain...I continued to sketch having found another passion.

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