And now the inevitable blog has I mentioned earlier it was Frank & Connie who introduced us to this unique area of France.......the Vaucluse. It was also this couple who took us on a trip to Domaine De L'Espigouette run by Edmond Latour. I remember the day he proudly showed us a bottle of wine that had been produced by his son Bernard.......and then later again I held his son Julien as a baby perhaps too close to the crusher.
I have grown up alongside this family and their wines and it was here that I learnt about tasting and fine wines. 
It is not just about the wine but your own personal taste and learning about what you like, colour, aroma, clarity, viscosity, alcohol content, the sound of the pouring, froth/bubbles, reflection, tears and of course the taste.
This vineyard will alsways be important to me!

The discovery of other vineyards has and is fun and interesting; the result of holidays and wine fetes. Smile

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