2013 Wine Tours

We have enjoyed all of our wine tours this year, and thank our clients for their participation.

On a tailored tour we were able to fit in a wine tasting at Visan before heading off to Vaison La Romaine. (if you look on our website ,www.raisinyourglass.com, at the Gallery here you will see some of the photos from this year, which also includes the very large Roman vase mentioned in a previous blog!)

After lunch in the Place Monfort we then walked down to the ancient roman bridge before heading off for another wine tasting at Costebelle and a viewing of their cellar and vast wine vats.

We then went to Cairanne and after the tasting here we walked around their sensory experience, This is an interesting and informative way of discovering how your senses are involved in wine tasting.

Domaine de la Damase was another discovery for us this year; we really like this traditional family run vineyard. They have been able to pass down traditional methods and combine with new wine technology.

In Suzette we also discovered a new vineyard Mathi Flo, and afterwards take in the views just before lunch. This was also an opportunity to take in the beautiful little 12th century church Notre Dame de Suzette that can be found at the top of the village.

Lunch time is a very important time too, so always good to find a quiet and relaxing restaurant just like Hotel De Montmirail (a link to their website can be found on our website too).

I will be blogging about other great vineyards and details of their wines. I also need to mention some of the other fantastic restaurants that we have enjoyed this summer...

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