A little break from vines to enjoying the grape....

An invite to Domaine Autrand in Vinsobres was met with great delight as they offered some amazing award winning wines together with some pairing food. It was all held in their Cave with their tall stainless steel vats dominating the scene.

Concrete Vats
 A marquee with tables and benches was laid on where you could sit and enjoy the wines with some cold meats. We were soon ordering some wine for ourselves and will certainly be putting this cave on our list to visit again.

We would recommend this cave for its outstanding Viognier and Rosé together with the Côtes du Rhône and Vinsobres Reds.

Selection of their finest

Grapevine continued..............

And so the fruit appears...........it has been just over a week and now you can see that the flowers have been fertilised so we see the first sign of fruit. Not all of the grapes and/ or grape varieties. It all depends on the variety, positon and of course the weather.........

The Grape Vine continued....

The vignerons have been busy in the vineyards spraying the crops against pests.

I  must also mention here the importance of position and soil types,as these all have a place in the final taste and quality of the wine.

The three key soil types here are slopes of clay and calcereous, 'les garrigues' stony plateaus and sandy calcaeous soils.


The large stones help the vines to withstand heat and drought.

And a week on from seeing the flowers on the grape; they have started flowering another key part that mother nature has to play ! The flowers lose their flower cap 'calyptra' and then pollen is released from the five stamen. The fertilisation process can take place when the pollen lands on the pistils of other plants.

The flowering