September 2014 Tours

Wednesday 24th Tour 4 Beaumes de venise, Violes and Vacqueyras

We started the day at the Beaumes de Venise co-operative, where you can visit their Vinotheque, showcasing their older vintages and walk across a glass floor above their cellar!
After tasting here, we moved on to a small independant, Domaine St Roche, where we were able to show our clients the workings of their of aluminium vats, recently filled from their harvest. Stephane can now sit at his computer and watch the information from the vats to ensure temperatures and fermentation processes are at their optimum. ( he will still have to taste the wine during this time, of course!) After a couple of tastes straight from the vats, we went back 
to the cave for the degustation. We tasted their roses and reds and their delightful Beaumes de Venise Muscat.
It was now time for lunch, and what better location than the Chateau du Martinet in Violes. It is just like stepping back in time!
After lunch, we went to Domaine des Favards, where we found Celine busy in the cellars transferring the wine to ensure that the sediment was moved. It was this reason that Celine set up a tasting table in the cellar, so that she could keep an eye on her work and give us attention too! Thank you Celine:)

Our final stop was at Arnoux et Fils, in the village of Vacqueyras, they have a vast selection of wines for an independent, and the old cellars are still situated under the village.

We will be putting a list of some of the wines we tasted on our website in due course.

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