September 2014 Tours

Thursday 25th Tour 2 Cairanne, Rasteau and Roaix

We decided to liven our senses a little with a visit to the senses tour at the cooperative of Camille Cayran in Cairanne. It was also an opportunity to gain a little knowledge, which can take seriously or lightly. We of course tried their wines afterwards!

At Domain Boisson it is a true family business as we met with both Bruno and Regis and their wives. We were pleasantly surprised that Yukiko recognised the Domain as one they tried back in the UK and was very excited to meet them in person and couldn't help but buy a bottle! Regis was so happy to meet them that he gave them a complementary bottle which really made their day!

From there, we drove through the hilltop village of Cairanne and over towards St Roman de Malgard for a taste of good french home cooking at Chez Claudette. We stayed with our clients to enjoy the ambience with them outside. We had the usual choice of starter from the salad counter and then for main it was a choice of duck or pork with sweet carrots, followed by a selection of cheeses and for dessert, Ile Flottante, ice cream or chocolate mousse!( all with a carafe of red wine of course!)

After this feast, we set of to Domain Charavin to taste their superb Rasteau CDR.
We then headed up again, through the village of Roaix, to our last cave, Doamaine des Escaravailles who are known for excellent quality Rasteau, Roaix and Carainne CDR. This proved to be a good choice as Chris and Yukiko bought a bottle about 6 years ago in the UK and not seen it back in the shops since!

It goes without saying that we tried all their reds and some of their vin doux naturel too!

Well it was the last tasting of a very interesting, adventurous and fun 3 days.

Thank you to Chris and Yuliko and to our friends at the caves

We will be putting a list of some of the wines we tasted on our website in due course.

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