The Grape Vine

We want  to take a look at
a year in the life of a Grape Vine.

Les Souches
So we start with the trunk and cordon, also known as "Les Souches".

In the early part of the year, the Souche produces buds and even now the vigneron must control what they want from the vine and may remove some.

Then in Spring life "Springs Forth"

The speed with which the vine grows is amazing and can be seen in front of your eyes on a day to day basis.

The growth is so fast that sometimes even this has to be controlled as too much foliage can hinder later growth.

Day 1
Day 3
Day 2

 Then we see the first glimses of the fruit which starts with the bunches of seeds, which will flower.

The first sign of fruit

And as the time is now May, we have to wait for the next development.........which will appear here on our Blog soon.

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