Home in Provence

That Provencal home we all dream of....

Is it all a dream?

Well, we have been searching for that perfect little slice of Provence for a very longtime and last year we decided to make a more concerted effort in finding one.

Our business demands a good location for a base in order to receive our customers and to be able to keep in touch with our contacts  in the area. 

Oh! and what fun we have had.........

When looking at properties in France on the internet, there is very little information and therefore you need to go into the Immobilier for further details. It is then that you get the full picture of what the properties have to offer. We saw over 6 properties in one day!

We were looking for that WOW! factor, and although most properties had typical Provencal characteristics, some needed a lot of internal work to bring up to date. Some property details have no outside pictures and very little inside and most have a rooms that needs an SOS makeover!

We looked in Aubignan, Caromb, Jonquieres, Mazan, Mornas, Piolenc, Cairanne, Vaison La Romaine, Visan, and many more.

It was only when driving along one of the picturesque routes we have on our tours, that we came across a villa on the side of vineyard. Perfect! we thought and it was within our budget too. We arranged a viewing and fell in love with the views and the possibilities.

    We decided to have a think on it before putting in an offer as we were returning to the UK at the weekend. It was only after talking to the agents during the following months, that we decided to make another trip down at the end of January to get another viewing. We thought, as in England, we would go in low and renegotiate. Unfortunately, the offer was rejected and was told that the owner wouldn't budge a centime under the asking price, even though it needed up dating and clearing of rats in the basement!

So, we came home empty handed, and even when the Euro rate was more favorable, we increased our offer and was instantly rejected again! Oh well, we decided to move on and look at some more through the agents website and  we made another trip down to Vaucluse to take advantage the slow housing market and excellent Euro rate.

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