Vaucluse in February

We're here in beautiful wine country again, this time for a spot of house hunting and a little wine tasting (well that's the idea 
The week started off well with bright sunny weather with a little hint of a cool mistral and we visited one of many houses we had chosen to see, which is perched on a hillside overlooking vineyards and the Rhone Valley, not bad for a start!
By the end of the morning we had covered all the points we needed to note about the property with the help from our good friend Jack. The afternoon was put aside for discussions with a glass or two of rose!
Our next property on the Monday was to be a delightful holiday style home which appears to have been 'added' to over the years but of which also had fantastic views across the vineyards and the valley. It even had an infinity pool! Well more of a plunge pool, but certainly had the just imagine in the heat of the sun with a glass in hand, oh la la! Roll on summer! The house itself was 
very individual and quirky with ornate decor and a large fireplace.
We left this one with options in mind and visited another house which was in the village of Visan. Although it was quite new, it did lack Provençal style and was more suburban than we liked.

By now, the weather was getting colder, but still bright. It was only to last 24hrs as Tuesday became more wintery in the afternoon and snow began to fall! It was the first time for us all to see snow here in the Rhone and how beautiful it looks too!

Our last property to see was in Valreas, and we arrived before the snow. A very different house, with a central round house, like a castle, with rooms attached either side. The old couple who lived there must have seen their grandchildren grow up there as many pictures were on display. Again it was very ornate with a large fireplace and wooden mezzanine above the lounge. The rooms seem to go on for ever around the turret and below to the cave! The 
decoration was very old and required modernisation but there was plenty of room and a large garden.
( photos will be added later )

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