It's time to pack the corkscrew again and venture down to the where the sun is shining. We have a booking on the 10th and we need to arrive the weekend before to prepare....

This was to be our first trip in our newly acquired Tiguan, but we got off to a rocky start, as when we were waiting for our early Saturday morning crossing from Dover, our battery ran flat from leaving the lights and radio on, which we only realised when we were about to board! DFDS were extremely helpful, and jump started us from one of their trucks and managed to just get on...last!

Wondering if the car would start the other end, we cautiously started her up, and were relieved to hear the engine fire! We were off! An early crossing meant that we could get some distance south with little or no traffic, and aim to get a rest at Reims around 4am.

We arrived at our destination apartment at 6.30pm, after taking a detour around Valence due to traffic and compulsory Auchan stop for food. We were welcomed into the Autoroute du Soleil with temperatures of 35 deg Celsius...ah lovely! Just right for an evening meal of spicy sausage pasta and chilled Rose.


After a good nights' sleep and  a full continental breakfast at our lodgings, Maison Plantevin, set in among the vineyards, we set off to establish contact with our chosen wine tasting caves. We met with the wonderful Regis father of Bruno to confirm our visit at Domaine Boisson. We returned to our accommodation and we were able to take a very rewarding dip in the pool. In the evening we ventured to Vaison La Romaine for dinner, after which we were able to take advantage of a local fair. We then took a moonlit walk from the old roman bridge up to the castle. (Admittedly we did not make it to the top as it was starting to get a little dark, but we did manage an encounter with a friendly lizard!) 


From time to time we also need to replenish our daily imbibe, so we visited Costebelle to stock up. It was then necessary to prepare a lunch for our invitation to Domaine des Favards for their Pique-nique avec le Vigneron independant. We had a wonderful time and a lovely day was spent with some of our friends in Violes on this warm, sunny Provencal day. We enjoyed the company of some English campers who were staying on the campsite. It was also a pleasant surprise for us to meet Maryline Barbaud who married us in 2006!

To continue our trip back in time; in the evening, we dined at La Table du Mas, the restaurant found at the Mas de Bouvau which is now run by their son, Benoit Hertzog, where he pays homage to his fathers' menu's.


We met our clients, Lorraine and Noel, early at their accommodation in Le Barroux. First stop Camille Cayran where we visited their senses tour before our first wine tasting. The next stop, also in Cairanne, was Domaine Boisson. Bruno was able to present his wines to us as we tasted them much to the approval of our clients.
Domaine Boisson
Chez Claudette
It was now lunch time, so we headed off through the hillside to Chez Claudette at St Roman de Malegarde. Feeling refreshed after some satisfying home-made cuisine, we set off to our nest
vineyard, Domaine Charavin in Rasteau.

We had enough time to offer a mystery vineyard and were lucky to find the family in at Domaine la Damase in Violes. We were greeted with the usual friendly smile and welcomed in to their cave.
This visit was particularly favoured by Lorraine and Noel as it is a beautiful and rustic setting.
It was a fitting end to another tour before returning our clients to their gite.

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