The markets and local produce..

Just where should I start when it comes to the markets. One of my favourites is St Cecile Les Vignes, but others will beg to differ. All that is important is the local produce that has been brought in and displayed by the farmers, These fruit and vegetables are the natural colour and shape that they are supposed to be, and there is the beautiful aroma too!
It is a struggle to go the markets without coming away with the freshly cooked Paella or a rotisserie chicken. I love the olives, sundried tomatoes, pickled garlics and tapenades; there is such a wide selection it is so difficult to know which to buy next or even not come away with too much (Ask Pete!!)
Then there is of course the cheeses and they have come from all over France. The different nougats from Montelimar.

If these wonderful products are not enough then you have the souvenirs stalls or clothes and fashion stalls... Or you could just sit in a quiet shaded corner watching all the vibrant colours, the hustle and bustle, maybe a coffee, icecream. Maybe we should stop off at a local Cave on the way back?

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